Auxiliary Nurse

Location(s): Nigeria / Ogun

Category: Hospital & Health Care, Hospitality

Level: Professional

Job Type: Full-Time

Min. Qualification: O-Level

Min. Years of Experience: 2-4

Start date: 15/07/2019

Duration: Fulltime/Long-term

Job Description



An auxiliary nurse has an important job and will have a number of responsibilities and duties to uphold throughout the working day.

In a hospital setting, while an auxiliary nurse will report to a healthcare professional, the key responsibility is to ensure that a patient is comfortable. In a community setting, such as a residential care home or assisted living facility, many patients are incapacitated or disabled, with limited mobility, and so an auxiliary nurse will be required to conduct basic patient care. This will include:

We are recruiting for an Auxiliary Nurse


Location: Aiyepe, Ogun State


Job Description:


The ideal candidate will be primarily required to:

  • washing and toileting patients
  • dressing patients
  • feeding at meal times, as well as logging food and fluid intake for patient records
  • changing bed linen
  • making patients feel safe and secure in their surroundings
  • A more experienced auxiliary nurse may also be required to conduct minor medical procedures, including:
  • monitoring blood pressure
  • taking temperatures
  • monitoring weight
  • in some cases, administering medication to patients, however this will often be supervised by a medical doctor
  • An auxiliary nurse acting as an assistant to a therapist will have a different range of responsibilities that are dependent on the field within which they are working; this could include:
  • setting up equipment for a therapy session
  • ensuring that a patient is calm and prepared for a therapy session
  • assisting a therapist in administering treatment
  • administrative duties, including taking notes and ensuring that patient records are accurate and up to date
  • An auxiliary nurse working in a GP surgery or a health Centre will have slightly different responsibilities, including:
  • conducting health checks on patients
  • ensuring medical equipment is sterilized
  • restocking consulting rooms
  • processing and taking lab, urine and blood samples
  • undertaking healthcare promotion or health education work

Desired Qualities

Skills Required

  • Ability to work independently and as a part of a team
  • Passionate about clinical excellence

Educational requirements

  • A minimum of 2 years cognate experience is required


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